Rise Up to the Lighter Alternative!

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 Are you looking for a practical, user friendly and lighter solution? Then look no further!

Shawston, the UK’s multi depot leading supplier of Fire Protection products have stepped up to the challenge and sourced a 40% lighter alternative to the industry “norm” of heavy weight galvanised tube.

Fully test certified, the Shawston Thin Wall 70 Bar Riser Tube is available, 40% lighter, in both galvanised and red oxide finishes. It’s also less expensive. Go figure.

The substantial weight saving and ease of handling; so less of a Health & Safety risk, means that contractors can collect tube and fit approximately 40% more tube volume in their panel van. Enabling more time on-site installing and less time spent cutting on-site shifts short due to lack of available goods.

“We are starting to notice a change in buying behaviour” says Paul Eastwood, Sales Director, “it made perfect sense to us at Shawston to provide this product to our customers, and now it appears to be making perfect sense to our customers too.” “At 40% lighter and a whole host of other benefits, its virtually selling itself!”

Download a copy of the new Shawston Thin Wall 70 Bar Riser Tube brochure