Reducing the Pressure to Comply

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Ever lost time revisiting projects to solve leaky valve issues?

Ever spent more time than necessary eliminating the risk of drips and leaks on commissioning Fire Protection systems?

Well we’ve got some good news. The Shawston Wet Riser Pressure Reducing Valve uses a higher grade rubber gasket, so eradicates both of these issues giving you the satisfaction of a job well done.

At Shawston we like to keep the art of distribution simple. So, we have invested heavily in ensuring this vital piece of residential fire protection equipment is readily available across all 5 of our UK nationwide depots. During these times of rapid market growth and high demand we can guarantee on-time product deliveries with no exaggerated lead times.

It’s time to install and move on.

Download a copy of the new Shawston Wet Riser Pressure Reducing Valves brochure