Stuart Priest

Woodshop Operative

Joining Shawston in 2013, Stuart has played a huge role in doubling the size of the wood shop and turning it into a huge part of the business. Our FSC woodblock facility at High Wycombe produces on average 50,000 woodblocks a year and there is no doubt that Stuarts skills and experience have been vital in ensuring we can continue to provide this key component to our customers.

A true craftsman, Stuart’s workmanship has often been put to good use outside of the scope of his role, he has recently worked on a selection of iPhone stands and a wooden BBQ. Always one to rise to the challenge and show real Shawston spirit, he is a valued member of the team.

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Who has been the biggest influence on you during your time at Shawston?

Stuart on his Biggest Influence
“I’ve had support over the years from various people within the company, namely former managers who have advised me, certainly back in the earlier days of setting up the wood shop.”

“But now, it’s fair to say I have become more of a mentor myself.”

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Employee Ownership

Stuart on the Shawston Family
“I like being a share owner and I take a great interest in how the company is doing, especially the wood shop. I like to know how the business is doing all year round.”

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Tell us about your Shawston journey.

Joined Shawston in 2013 heading up the new wood shop venture.

Soon became a 3 strong team producing in-house bespoke FSC woodblocks.

Was hugely involved in doubling the size and capacity of the wood shop at the High Wycombe location.

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