Shawston enter the London Stock Exchange

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Shawston have recently been recognised as one of the top performing SME’s in the UK.  The letter you can see here was sent to the group Managing Director, Rob Davenport, and is recognition for many years of hard work and dedication by the Shawston team.

Rob said “We had no idea Shawston had been selected for the top 1000 SME register. A formal looking letter dropped through the door, I happened to be in the office at Hyde, and it was a very pleasant surprise.  It was refreshing for me to see the buzz of excitement as soon as word went out amongst the staff, notably those team members that have been with the company for more than 10-years that have seen the various stages of growth from us being a very small company to operating at the larger end of the scale today.  Our financial results have been strong in the last couple of years and our re-investment programme, evidenced within various news articles on our web site, will hopefully not only keep us in the top 1000, but elevate us to the top 500 very soon.”

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