LinkedIn November 2023

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This post is a compilation of highlights from our LinkedIn profile for November 2023.

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7th November 2023

An amazing milestone for Benjamin Crossley.

Five years ago a young man with 4 alarm clocks walked into our #Shawston Hyde office to start his role in the marketing team.

Throughout his five years at #Shawston Benji has grown in both stature and presence, he has played a key role in elevating the company’s brand presence across multiple platforms, produced several successful marketing campaigns for the Shawston group and associated companies and is responsible for helping the rest of the team to achieve their marketing ambitions for the group. (He’s also ditched his 4 alarm clocks for a 5am start at the gym to prepare for the day ahead!)

So big congrats to you Benji, we are so appreciate of all your hard work for the whole business. Enjoy.

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10th November 2023

Today, we wanted to stand together and pay our respects as a business, a team, and individuals to remember those who volunteered, sacrificed, served, fought, and died, for our freedom.

We thank you, and we salute you as we salute those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

We will never forget. We will remember you.

We will of course be remembering all of those who fought and continue to fight so valiantly to keep us safe, throughout the duration of the coming weekend.

A big thank you also to Dominic Warrington at our High Wycombe branch for playing The Last Post on his trombone.

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15th November 2023

#Shawston Climb Mount Everest.

Throughout the month of October, Shawston High Wycombe participated in the Mount Everest Challenge to raise funds for Cancer Research in honour of our friends and colleagues Anthony Hutchings and Russ Jones who sadly passed in September.

Adjacent to Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, there is a walkable hill which some time ago was named ‘Harris Hill’. The hill measures 60 metres from the base to the top.

The summit of Mount Everest is 8500 metres, so we set the #Shawston challenge of covering this distance throughout the month of October. To succeed we needed to make 7 trips a day up Harris Hill for the 22 working days in the month.

The challenge was open to all colleagues in the Shawston Group and we were joined by many familiar faces along the way. Other team members who couldn’t make it to Harris Hill carried out their own challenges such as bike rides, walking and running distances which all added to the end result.

We hit the peak of Everest on the 24th October and managed to ascend 1150 metres up the second peak by month end.

Jake Cooper made the most amount of trips through the month of October, finishing on 14 ascents.

Well done team #Shawston! Our people are our business and what a way to pull together to remember a great colleague.

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29th November 2023

The #Shawston team had a fantastic couple of days in #Liverpool at the #EOAConference2023.

Lots of learning and discussions centred around #ESG, resilience, progression, governance and growth plus a rare stint for the team at #rockeoke!

We are proud to be employee owned and it’s events like these that really bring that message to life.

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